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So, I’ve been writing this blog for about a month now, and it is getting some reading (yeah!). I thought perhaps this week, in celebration of Canada Day, and my daughter’s birthday, I would tell you a bit more about me, my family, and what makes us tick. I think I’ll begin with our Canada Day celebrations.

We promptly got up at 6:00am, ready and raring to head down to the Leg. grounds to run the annual Canada Day Race. Ok, Jon, I and the Duchess were fairly prompt (she awoke with ” ONLY ONE MORE SLEEP TILL MY BIRTHDAY!!!!”), while the Skinny Bean was slightly less enthusiastic (we’d been met with “this race idea is stupid” most of the day before, mostly ’cause the Skinny Bean is sick with a cold). After doning our Canadian celebratory t-shirts, we popped into the car, and headed down to the Legislature grounds to run like the wind!

Jon and I have run this Canada Day Race every year, except for one, in some way, shape or form, since before the Skinny Bean was born – so going on 8 years now. Some years we have both done the 15km, some, only one of us, and the year I was pregnant with the Skinny Bean, I did the 5km, Jon did the 15km. I have hurt my back this year (SO frustrating), so Jon is doing the 15km solo. I have been feeling quite jealous about this fact, and just yesterday had the brilliant idea that the kids and I could do the 2.5km fun run/walk – so off the Duchess and I went to the Running Room to sign up!

We were really lucky with the weather, because for the first time in 8 years, the weather was threatening to be WET! The kids and I saw Jon off on his run, his goal being under 1 hour for 15km!, then we got ready to do our “race”. The Skinny Bean got over his grump, and took off like a SHOT! The Duchess and I jogged/walked along together, usually behind The Skinny Bean. Two laps, 2.5 km, and 22 mins later, we celebrated our finish, and settled in to cheer on the runners. At 1:07, Jon came running in, looking good! My best time is 1:35, so I am SERIOUSLY impressed by that time! We then headed off for breakfast at Cora’s to celebrate the run and the day.

Breakfast, or any meal in a restaurant for that matter, can be tricky for us. Jon and the Skinny Bean are both gluten, lactose and soy intolerant. It took us a while to figure that out, but boy, when we did, WHAT a difference! Luckily, Cora’s has lots to offer for the boys, so we all enjoyed a wonderful breakfast. We were planning on heading out to Stony Plain to cheer on friends who were competing in the Great White North half-ironman (Jon became a certified Canadian Ironman in Penticton last August), but the driving rain, thunderstorm and a partially complete brother/in-law move convinced us to go home (ours and the partially vacated Brother’s).  Once we were all settled in at home, it was time to bake a birthday cake (a strawberry flavoured, ballerina, teddy bear cake) and then break the “No screen rule” and watch a movie.

Normally, on Sundays, we have a rule in our house of “No Screens” – this means no phones, no computers, no T.V., no iPad. With Jon and I running Dayhome Registry, plus working our “day jobs”, we are often in front of screens. Our “No Screen Day” is a day to slow down, re-focus and reconnect with each other and the kids. It usually means long lazy walks, playing at the park, playing copious board games, or just chillin’ out together.  Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t glued to screens, and we are really strict about how much screen time the kids have, but it IS easy to let those pesky screens distract us. Tomorrow is the Duchess’s 4th Birthday, and a holiday; the perfect time to slow down, and chill out; so it will be our No Screen Day this week.

So, to sum up: We are a family of four, with “high maintenance” eating needs, high activity levels (running, swimming, biking, ballet, yoga, camping, etc.), and a passion for helping others. All of this led us to starting Dayhome Registry. What to know more about our story? Check out “About Us” at

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