Finding the Little Graces.

Life can be totally crazy, and with being completely bogged down with to-do lists, errands, and jobs, it is easy to get mired in negativity and forget to see the good things in our lives. Sometimes all it takes is a change of mindset. To see the Grace in our lives.

I suffer from S.A.D., otherwise known as Seasonal Affect Disorder. With winter coming, I find it hard to stay positive, and to be honest, I am dreading the winter. The darkness, the coldness and the pain of bundling up kids 5 times a day, it all gets a little overwhelming.

This past week has been particularly tough, as the sun has not peaked its head out of the clouds in over a week! I was getting bogged down with the winter blues, and needed to give myself a kick in the butt. I was snappy with the kids and over emotional with my hubby.  I have learned how to deal with my SAD, and with a reminder from my mom (do we ever outgrow needing our moms?), I have decided to focus on the good things in life, even if they are little: the little Graces.

Today, my little graces were: getting out to the barn to see my horse, having a great meeting at work, and saving WAY more than I expected at the grocery store. Of course there were frustrating and irritating parts to my day. No one LOVES taking two tired and hungry kids to the grocery store. But they were mostly well behaved, and I rewarded them with a small treat, and then my bill was lower than I expected. This is something we keep coming back to in our house, seeing the positives – or my new mantra, the graces.

My DS, and my DH, are both perfectionists, and tend to beat themselves up when one thing “bad” happens in an otherwise great day. For example, yesterday, we went swimming as a family, as we do most Sunday afternoons. We had a great time, the kids loved swinging off the rope, DS learned how to do a flip underwater, etc. All was well. Then, when we were walking home, he slipped on an ice patch and fell, bruising his bum. That was all we heard about for the rest of the evening. When I tried to remind him about all the good that had happened in the day, he refused to hear it. So this evening, we started up our conversation around the dinner table with “What 3 great things happened in your day today?” This is something we have done on and off for about a year now, and it really does help turn the mood around.  It also gets the kids talking about their day, and we hear about things that happened in class, or on the playground, we may not have otherwise.

Of course, there are going to be extra hard days, and it will be hard to find the grace, but when you start to look for it, you discover it really is everywhere. A extra big hug from one of the kids, a hot cup of yummy coffee on a cold winter day, or a phone call from a friend you haven’t heard from in a long time.  Thanks Mom, I needed the reminder.

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