Tips for keeping our Kids Healthy

Today’s blog post article comes to us care of Sara at It seems very timely as I am home with my daughter today because she has come down with the first nasty cold of the season. That time is upon us, its cold, we’re stuck inside and our kids LOVE to share every little germ they possibly can! Sara has compiled a set of blogs that tackle many different sides of keeping our kids healthy. Enjoy the read; I did!
As a parent and/or childcare provider, one of the most important jobs you’re charged with is doing everything within your power to ensure that children are healthy and happy. Thankfully, the Internet gives modern parents almost unlimited access to the collective parenting wisdom of an entire global village. Writers and parents from around the world share their experiences, ideas and the latest news relating to kids’ health issues through their blogs, making it easier than ever to consider a variety of opinions on each topic. These 30 blog posts share information on everything from vaccinations to nutrition, and can be useful resources for parents in search of answers.
Standard Vaccinations
From infancy into the teen years, there are an array of vaccinations that health officials recommend for children in order to provide them with immunity against many communicable illnesses. Concerns that vaccinations could be the root of behavioral disorders, health issues and developmental problems have spurred a growing number of parents to eschew those vaccinations altogether, sparking debate among parenting groups on either side of the divide. These five blogs discuss the issue from either side, both for and against standard vaccinations.
Flu Shots
While vaccination against influenza isn’t typically among those required by public schools and daycare centers as a condition of enrollment, the idea that a simple injection can protect children from a potentially serious and highly contagious illness causes many parents to opt for a yearly shot without question. Others regard a seasonal flu shot with skepticism and reluctance, fearing that its risks far outweigh any potential benefits. These five entries tackle the topic of seasonal flu shots, and offer unique perspectives on the issue.
Avoiding Common Daycare Illnesses
When large groups of children are in relatively close quarters, like a daycare center, common childhood illnesses tend to spread like wildfire. If your child is enrolled in daycare, protecting him from becoming sick as a result of his environment can be a very difficult task; these five bloggers tackle this problem in their posts.
Managing Chronic Conditions
Parents of children who suffer from chronic illnesses or health conditions are forced to take a completely different approach to maintaining their child’s health. Helping kids learn to manage those conditions as they get older and begin to attend school, where they’ll spend the majority of their day away from a parent’s watchful eye, is an essential part of keeping chronically ill children as healthy as possible.
Encouraging Physical Activity
With childhood obesity rates on the rise, more children are being diagnosed with health problems directly resulting from a sedentary lifestyle. The modern proliferation of gaming devices, along with television and computer use, can dramatically reduce the amount of time that kids spend engaged in physical activity. These five blogs discuss the importance of an active lifestyle in relation to overall physical health, and offer advice for how to encourage kids to be more active.
Good Dietary Habits
The dietary habits that your child learns can follow him well into adulthood, affecting the choices he makes and his overall health as he ages. When paired with a physically active lifestyle, eating well builds a foundation for long-term health, and the combination of these two things forms positive habits for your child to carry with him as he enters into adulthood.

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