Terrible Twos??? HA!! They lie!!

The phrase “Terrible Twos” is a big lie as far as I’m concerned. They twos are easy in comparison to the %(^&* Fours!!!  Age four is starting to make me consider working full time!!  Basically since Halloween and the onset of winter, DD has been utterly miserable to live with.  Everything “bugs” her. Winter boots, winter coat, mittens, toque, her seatbelt, her brother, 90% of her clothes…. you name it. I’m sure some of you have been through this, so I’d love some ideas as to how to handle it without completely losing my mind!

I understand her hate of winter – its not my favorite either. The dark, the cold, the layers of clothes. So I try VERY hard to be sympathetic, but my patience is wearing thin. Getting out the door on time to get DS to school has been virtually impossible. It takes at least 5 minutes alone to get her boots, sock and pants lined up just right so they don’t bug her. Then we get to the car, and its an ordeal to get the coat tucked under her just right so we can put on the seatbelt. All this accompanied by screaming, crying and complete distain of me and how I’m trying to help her. DEEP BREATHS.

Now you may be thinking “Why doesn’t she just MAKE her DD do all this?” Believe me, I’ve tried. I am NOT a pushover Mom. In fact my DS lovingly calls me “hard core”.  And I’m proud of that. I have high expectations for my kids and their behaviour. Time outs and loss of privileges are NOT foreign occurrences in our house. I have taken time and things away from her. I have marched her straight back into the house for a time out when time is not of the essence. I have left her in the house to get herself ready while DS and I wait in the car. None of this has worked. I know this is just a stage, and this too shall pass, and all that. But in the meantime, I feel like I’m beating my head against a brick wall.

One of the biggest frustrations for me is that usually, she is my sunshine girl. She’s happy, easy going, enthusiastic and really funny. I miss that girl. Right now she is choosing to be miserable. I picked her up from gymnastics the other day. She LOVES gymnastics. I asked her how it was, and she started getting really excited telling me about it. At which point she realized she was excited, stopped, pulled herself back and informed me “but it was boring”.

I want her to learn to cope, to handle the tough things in life (even if it is only a wrinkly sock), and to be a positive person. These are important life skills, and if she doesn’t start to learn them now, its only going to get harder.  My DS was completely impossible at age 3. To the point that I considered taking him to a child psychologist. We got through it, and he’s turning into the neatest, smartest and funniest boy I know. So, yup, this too shall pass and my sunshiney girl will come back. In the mean time, pass the wine. I’m gonna need it.

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