Work… Life…. Balance?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…..  and the most hectic!  Between shopping, baking, parties and concerts, all piled on top of all the other things we do daily, its no wonder so many of us collapse in a heap on Boxing Day!  However, I am using this crazy season to remind myself why its so important to slow down. By choosing some things to say “no” to, we actually end up saying “yes” to those things and people that are the most important in our lives.

This is why, firstly, we will not be sending out Christmas cards this year. We always write a Christmas letter to recap the year, complete with photos, and this year it will ONLY being getting emailed out. I love getting peoples’ life updates and their photos, but I never know what to do with all the paper at the end of the season!  In the name of simplicity and environmentalism, Christmas cards this year are going electronic! That way people can print out the photos and/or the letter IF they choose to, or can just save it (or, lets be honest here, delete it) to refer to at another time.  Instead of handwriting cards, and spending a fortune on envelopes and stamps, I’m going to use that time to bake cookies and make Christmas crafts with my kids. Lets make memories, not “stuff”.

I’m saying “no” to always saying “yes” in my work life. Its funny, but personally, I am pretty good at saying no and choosing what to prioritize  Recently, I realized that I am horrible at doing this professionally.  “Can you plan the next field trip, take on this new project, and email these three parents?”  You BET!!!  Woah, now I’m at work until late, totally brain dead and grumpy with my kids when I pick them up.  How is this helping anyone!?  Professionally, I will do what I do personally. Choose which is the MOST important to me and my students, and focus on THAT.  By doing less, we do it better!

I’m going to set times when I work on our business, and STICK to it!  I was recently talking to some moms about balancing entrepreneur work and parenting. As Mompreneurs, we often work when we are also looking after our kids.  Ok, I know women are good at multitasking – but really, this is not helping anyone! As a mom, my kids are my priority, but if I am working and not REALLY paying attention to the kids, am I teaching them that? I don’t think so. On the flip side, if I’m distracted by the kids while I am trying to work, I’m not putting my best self into my work. This isn’t helping the business either! So “no” to multitasking work and kids, and “yes” to focused, productive time.

Our kids grow up SO fast, and before I know it, I will be wishing they wanted to sit on the floor and play trains with me again, so right now, I need to say “yes” more to them, what they need and building a strong foundation between us. That way I can be confident THEY will say “no” when its important, and not be pressured into “yes”.

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