Guest Blog Post: Easy Weekly Meal plans for families.

Allen at has shared this great blog post about meal plans for all types of families. Whether you are a working Mom looking for a dayhome, or a dayhome provider hoping to change things up, the following 20 links can certainly help you out! Enjoy the read.

“What’s for dinner?”  is easily one of the most asked questions in a home.  If you wish you had a quick and easy answer to that question, then these 20 blogs are for you.  Find weekly menu plans for your family to help take the stress out of meal planning.  These bloggers post menus every week so you can continue to read them and truly have a resource of ever-changing menu plans for your family.  You can even post the menu for the week on the fridge so that everyone can just look at the menu instead of asking you what’s for dinner.  Every family has different needs when it comes to eating, and luckily there are blogs that specialize in everything under the sun, from vegetarian to gluten-free to diabetic menus, all helping make life easier for you.
Quick and Easy
If you have a busy life, and who doesn’t these days, and would like to have quick and easy menus on hand, then you have come to the right place.  These five blog entries will give you menu plans that could work for your family.  If there’s the odd meal that won’t work you can substitute your family’s favorite meal for that night.
  1. Beef Week Menu Plan: 5 Family Fast and Friendly Meals
  2. Clean Eating, Family Friendly, Weight Watcher Friendly Menu Plan
  3. Mini Lasagnas
  4. Kid Approved Healthy Meal Plan
  5. Menu Plan Monday: Kid Friendly Recipes
For those families that are vegetarian, it can get hard to change things up for your family every night.  These five blog posts will give you new and interesting meals to try with your family.  Some of these menu choices can easily be changed from vegetarian to non-vegetarian for those in the family that may prefer meat.
  1. Vegetarian Meal Plan Week 1
  2. Craving Meat and the Menu Planning Link Up
  3. What’s for Dinner? Menu Planning
  4. Weekly Menu Plan
  5. What’s for Dinner? This Week’s Vegetarian Menu Plan
Families that have someone with a dietary restriction know that it’s often hard to come up with menus that will satisfy everyone in the family while still being sensitive to any type of intolerance.  If you have someone with Celiac disease then you know what it’s like to struggle to find food that is gluten-free.  These bloggers know how you feel and have put together surprising menus that are gluten-free and still easy to prepare and appetizing for the whole family.  Check out these five blogs and see what you think.
  1. Sloppy Joes Recipe & Gluten Free Menu Plan
  2. Gluten Free Menu Plan
  3. Gluten Free Menu Swap
  4. Gluten Free Weekly Menu Plan
  5. Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan for the Week
With the growing number of overweight and obese adults, more people are being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.  Many times this disease can be reversed by losing weight and eating right.  Those who were diagnosed as children often have Type I diabetes and may have to use insulin to control the disease.  Either Type I or Type II diabetics need to eat a diabetic diet.  Certain foods such as pasta will spike a person’s insulin, something that isn’t ideal when you have diabetes.  By choosing your meals wisely, however, you can control the disease.  These bloggers know what they are talking about because they also eat a diabetic diet.  If you are newly diagnosed and looking for some menu ideas or even if you’ve had this disease for a while, but are just looking for some new ideas, these blogs should fit the bill.  Take a look at these five blogs that include diabetic meal plans.
  1. Diabetes Meal Planning, Menu Plans & Meal Preparation
  2. What are Some Diabetic Menu Ideas?
  3. Easy Weeknight Diabetic Meal Plans
  4. Type 2 Diabetes Meal Planner
  5. Eat Healthier With These Easy Diabetic Menus
Whether you work full-time or stay home with the kids, the struggle to figure out what to fix for dinner is the same.  Make your life easier by creating weekly menus for your family.

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