Having Twins, or even more?!

I have two children, but they are 2 1/2 years apart in age. Managing two kids can be challenging enough, I can’t even imagine how difficult it can be if they come together! Finding a home based daycare, feeding, clothing and managing the different ages and stages for twins, or even triplets (gulp) has its own unique set of challenges. I know quite a few families who have twins, but am certainly no expert myself. So… I thought I would share a blog with you from experts on multiples! Enjoy the read today from http://www.nannybabysitter.com/blog/30-of-the-best-blogs-for-new-moms-of-multiples/

Once you’ve had a read, we’d love to hear from you regarding tips and tricks you found when managing multiples. I bet even having 2 kids the same age in your dayhome would feel like twins some days!!

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