Keeping a Cool Head

If you are reading my blog, you are most likely a parent, or a teacher, or a home daycare provider. In a nutshell, you work with kids.  Like no one else in the world, kids can push your buttons and make you see red. I have worked with kids aged 0 – 13, in a variety of capacities, so I thought I’d talk a little about some things I do that help me keep a cool head.

Yesterday was one of those days in my classroom where my students were bonkers. Blame it on my stress level, the weather, their hormones, upcoming Spring break, whatever, they were just plain nuts. Couldn’t sit still, couldn’t stop talking, even listening to a simple instruction was nigh on impossible. Well, like you, I’m stuck with those bonkers kids, so what to do?
Get them moving – pull out Twister, play a VERY active Simon Says, create an obstacle course, set up races up and down the sidewalk. Whatever it takes to burn off some of that energy.
Feed them – hungry kids are cranky kids, and when their bellies are yelling at them, their brains can’t hear you!  Just keep it high protein, low sugar so you don’t have a sugar spike to make the situation even worse!
Do something totally unexpected. Pull out a pirate costume and create a boat out of the couch. Capture your prisoners and make them walk the plank. Pull out a board game, and insist everyone has to play it backwards. A total brain switch is often a great way to calm down the crazies.
If nothing else works, once everyone has gone home, collapse on the couch with a glass of wine in hand and be thankful you made it through another day. Then, plan some AWESOME activities for tomorrow, and go to bed early so you are well rested and ready.

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