Month: April 2013

Covering all your bases

No matter what job you do, parent, teachers, firefighter, you need to know that you have all your bases covered before you head off into the field. When you are looking after other people’s children, this is especially important. Here are some areas in which you should make extra sure that you need to have […]

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Traveling with kids & what it teaches me

If you are a follower of ours on Facebook, you are probably aware that we just got back from a trip to the land down under. We travel with our kids quite a lot, it is an absolute priority of ours to show our kids the world and therefore teach them to be worldly people. […]

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Guest Post: An Alternative to Traditional Potty Training.

Enjoy the guest blog post from the Director of Mommy Connections – Edmonton North. If you are hating diapers and dreading the idea of potty training (which, I have to say, had to be one of my least favorite parenting skills), have a read about Elimination Communication, an Alternative to Potty Training! From what I’ve […]

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