Covering all your bases

No matter what job you do, parent, teachers, firefighter, you need to know that you have all your bases covered before you head off into the field. When you are looking after other people’s children, this is especially important. Here are some areas in which you should make extra sure that you need to have your bases covered.

Field trips: If you are fortunate enough to be able to take the kids in your care out, lucky you! However, before you go, ensure that you have explicit permission from ALL parents, preferably in written form. Make sure you give parents lots of lead time and suggestions of how to dress their kids for the field trip – so check the weather forecast!  Take a first aid kit with you. If my DD has taught me nothing else, it is to carry bandaids with me at ALL times. A first aid kit with colourful bandaids, some Polisporin and wipes should get you through most trips.  Take snacks, and when you think you have enough, chuck in a few more granola bars! Kids outside get hungry!  A couple of extra pairs of socks and maybe even a couple pairs of pants is a great idea too.

Medication: Kids with allergies and chronic illnesses need care too, and so you may have to administer medicine on occasion. If this is the case, have the parents sign a medical release form that gives you written permission to administer medicine to their child. In fact, a medical release form for all children is a good idea, just in case you have to give a child an Advil just to bring down a fever.

Emergency Contacts: When you have kids, stuff happens, things come up and sometimes you can’t get a hold of a child’s parents when you REALLY need to. Make sure that all parents give you information about a few other people you can contact in case of an emergency. I always suggest more than one because you may not be able to contact that one other person!

Back Up Plans: We live in Alberta, which means the weather is crazy and unpredictable. So a park day might quickly turn into an inside play day. Make sure you have a back up plan, even if its just in your mind, in the event that something happens to force you to change your plans for the day.

Do you need the above forms? We have them all in one professional package, available for immediate download.

With a bit of forethought and organization, you can make your life a little simpler. As a parent, I know I  certainly appreciate when child care providers have all the bases covered. It makes my life simpler, and therefore makes me and my kids happier – and really, happy kids is what we are all about.

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