How to feature your dayhome.

We have had a few dayhomes asking about how they can feature themselves. My tech guy (aka, Hubby extraordinaire), has created this beautiful instruction sheet, complete with pictures. Hope it helps!

If you have an immediate space to fill, as it seems you do, we recommend that you login to the site.  Once logged in, you’ll see your dayhome listed.  Click the “Edit” link, to edit your dayhome:
Once you’re editing, add some photos of your Dayhome:
Don’t forget to Save at the very bottom of the page.
If you haven’t set your credit card, you’ll want to do that first.  Click on the “Overview” tab:

On the overview page, find the Credit Card section and click the “Edit” link:
Enter your credit card information and click “Save Changes”:
Once you have that saved, click on “DayHomes” and then click on the Edit link:
To be Featured on our homepage, click the “Feature me!” button on the edit page:
Now this will prompt you for how many months you’d like to be featured:
Enter the number, click “Feature!” and you’re all set.

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