Music Soothes the Savage Beast(s)

We are quite a musical family. Does this mean we gather around the piano and guitar and sing? No, but it means music is very important to us, and like most people, marks important points and events in our lives. We are huge fans of Edmonton’s Folk Fest, and try to go every year. When life gets really stressful, we are reminded that when we go back to having music on in the house regularly, we all handle the stress better.

With it being June, life is nuts around here. Finishing off school, activities, etc. plus my hubby starting a new job and training for his next 1/2 iron man race, our brains are about ready to implode. Lately, our son has been complaining that he is having a hard time sleeping, and especially falling asleep. He LOVES music, and it really seems to soothe him. We have started having him fall to sleep with music, listening to one of our Folk Fest favorites, Dala. (want a listen? Check out  Its amazing the difference. His body relaxes faster, he has been falling asleep faster, and as a result, our mornings have been much more pleasant. YEAH!!

So perhaps the next time the kids are running around like crazy monsters, or its one of those days when NO one can get along, try turning on some music. Perhaps classical or jazz to mellow everyone out, or some fun pop/dance music to change the tempo in the house and redirect that energy to dancing!  As they say, “music soothes the savage beast.”

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