No pets? The Pros and cons of a pet friendly dayhome

We are a very pet friendly home. We have 2 cats, a newly acquired dog, and a horse (obviously NOT in the house… ). When I watch my kids with the animals, it prompts me to think about all the advantages growing up with pets allows my kids. However, having pets in a dayhome is another thing all together. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration first.

Allergies: Research shows that kids who grow up with pets tend to have less allergies overall, which is a major advantage to having pets! However,  if children DO have allergies, have a pet friendly dayhome limits your potential clients to only those who do not.

Fears: Some kids have fears of dogs or cats or birds. Having a super friendly pet in the home may really help those kids overcome their fears, but this is definitely something to consider. I know I have seen my parent’s Golden Retriever help kids overcome their fears of dogs as she is the BIGGEST suck in the world. Belly Rub?? YES PLEASE!

Parent’s concerns: Unfortunately, not all animals are well trained or good with kids. Parents may have genuine concerns about whether or not your pet will get along well with their child. Ensure your pet is child friendly (and really, don’t we all want our pets to love kids?), and be prepared to demonstrate that to prospective parents.

Animals teach our children so much. How to be patient, kind, and compassionate. How to communicate with body language. How to be responsible. I love watching my kids with our animals. By keeping the above possible concerns in mind, your pets can help teach many, many children all these wonderful traits. 

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