Start with Why: Reflections on Simon Sinek’s TED talk

We all have that favourite business or person we deal with. The one we go back to time and time again. They may not seem different on the outside to their competitors, but there is something different about what they do, how they do it and most importantly, WHY they do it.

In July, I had the privilege of going to Ottawa to accompany my husband on a conference. This is the World Council of Credit Unions conference. It is held every year in a different place around the world. At the end of the conference, Simon Sinek came and gave his speech on what he calls the Golden Circle: How Great Leaders Inspire Great Action.  And it got me thinking about how this affects all businesses, big and small.

For me, the why of Dayhome Registry is 2 part. I believe all children should have the best childcare they can possibly receive; anything less is doing a disservice to the amazing people they are and the potential they have. I also believe that being an entrepreneur and the flexibility that running my own business will bring to my life is the best thing for me and my family.

If we can dig deep into the WHY of what we are doing, it will continue to drive us forward. Even on those days when you don’t want to do WHAT your are doing. It may even change HOW you approach this business of being an entrepreneur and a leader in your business area. We all want to be great leaders, and we all want to inspire great action. After all, if that wasn’t the case, why on earth would we be entrepreneurs in the first place. Its much easier in a lot of ways to NOT be the leader.  Why indeed?

Eventually, as leaders, we will need to lead someone! By having a clear why, a clear purpose, we allow our employees (future or current) to also know WHY they do what they do. Therefore giving them a clear purpose and drive to move forward.  When we know the why, the how and the what becomes less important. It allows us to understand that mistakes are going to be made, deadlines missed, set backs occurred, and to know that as long as we keep on the path of WHY we do what we do, our business is safe. With this kind of philosophy in running a business, we allow the people who work with, and for, us, to be creative, to take risks and to feel safe doing so.

Allowing people to feel safe and to understand the purpose behind their work is what makes one business stand out from all the rest. To be the trusted place you go back to, time and time again.  We want to be that business in the world of childcare. In what business world are you going to be that premier resource?

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