Emomnow article – Work from home Mom’s need childcare too.

As an entrepreneur/mom, it can be hard to find the balance between the need to work, and the needs of raising a family. This is especially difficult to balance during the summer months when the kids are home from school (or the rest of the year if your kids aren’t in school yet!). However, you need to work on your business, however big or small, and you also need to be fully available for your kids. What’s a mom to do?

I am a teacher from September to June, I work part time, but that is my mind’s excuse for needing childcare during the school year. Once the school year is out, the old Mommy guilt kicks in. I’m home, so I should be able to manage the house, get groceries, keep the kids busy and keep this little business of ours growing and flourishing!  What I’ve learned, mostly through trial and a lot of error, is nope, I can’t. I need the mental space to really dig into the business, and help it grow. I also need to play with my kids, take them to the library, spray park etc. without checking my phone every 10 minutes in case I have a business detail to look after.
If you can arrange childcare for a couple of days a week during the summer, perhaps not even every week, it can be better for everyone. It allows your kids to socialize with their friends and do some different activities than they would normally do with you. It allows you to really focus on what you need to do for your business. At one of the first emomnowyeg Saturday morning Inspired Series, one of the panelists talked about how once she got a nanny/babysitter for when she was working at home, her productivity and business increased! These are results we all want for our businesses.
Dedicated work time for you allows you to really BE with your kids when you are not working. As an entrepreneur, your business is always on your mind. That is just reality, because it is your other child. If you having nagging tasks that you are not able to complete, or even start, you are not being present when you are with your kids. Truly being present and engaged when you are with your children is vital to their confidence, and honestly, its just more fun for everyone! A great quote I read a long time ago puts it perfectly. “You can shower a child with presents or money, but what do they really mean, compared to the most valuable gift of all – your time? Vacations and special events are nice, but so often the best moments are the spontaneous ones. Being there. Every moment you spend with your child could be the one that really matters” (Starbucks coffee quote #198)
Some dayhomes have more room in the summer because the kids in their care are off on holidays, or their parents are teachers. So while you are home for 2 months with the kids, do yourself, your business  and the kids, a favour, and schedule childcare. And if you have little ones at home, finding something part time year round will be a huge help. You can start your search with us at www.dayhomeregistry.com, Like us on Facebook, and Follow us on Twitter!

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