How to register

Registering your day home with DayhomeRegistry is really quite simple:

    1. Click the “Register your dayhome” button on the homepage
      or click the “Signup” link in the menu:
    2. Choose your plan.
    3. Tell us a little about you and your dayhome

And that’s it!  Three easy steps to join our community.  You will receive an email confirming when you’ve been approved for display on our site.  Of course, we’ll hope you’ll add colour and flavour to your site by clicking the “My Dayhome” link once you’re logged in.  And of course, if you have immediate spots to fill, you can read more here about featuring your dayhome.

Welcome to Dayhome Registry.

2 thoughts on “How to register

  1. Maria

    I have a private dayhome and wish to advertise that on your website How can I do that? What are the cost’s associated?

    1. Faye Holt Faye Holt

      Maria, I’m also sending you a personal email, but in the meantime, you simply go to, and click Register Your Dayhome. Once you have filled in your information on the form, hit submit and you will be registered. The cost is only $50/year, and if you need any resources to help with the business side of things, we have a good selection of those as well.


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