Lighting Has Just Struck Me Brain

As Oprah Winfrey often refers to, I have just had an “ah ha!” moment. Or in the words of Captain Cook, “Lighting has just struck me brain”.  I am the boss and the ruler of my domain.  I know I’ve been doing this entrepreneurial adventure for a while now, but somehow, I keep expecting someone to tell me what to do, or not to do. And now that “lighting has struck me brain”, its liberating.

For so long in our lives, we have  people telling what to do, how to do it, what not to do, etc. Parents, teachers, bosses. And we get used to it, we accept that as the norm. People who are older, wiser, more experienced than us tell us what to do, and we do it. So maybe its not surprising that it has taken almost 2 years for me to realize that I don’t have that any more.  After 30+ years of programming, it takes a while to unprogram!  Now, it has really sunk in, that, as an entrepreneur, I don’t have any one to answer to, or tell me what to do.

This is liberating. And scary. Me? The Boss? The decider of all things? But what if I screw it up? Or, sometimes even more scary, what if I’m incredibly successful? The expectations pile on and on. But really, whose expectations are they? At the end of the day – mine.  I decide how successful I’m going to be. I decide who I WANT to work with. I decide how often I work and from where. And this is the liberation. I don’t have to do something just because a boss tells me to. I do everything because, and only because, I believe it is in the best interests of myself, my family, and my customers. This gives me clarity when I work. It makes decisions easier for me to make. Be a part of a trade show targeted at women, and more specifically, mothers? Absolutely!! Building community is a core part of our business. Work at 6pm at night when my kids are home and need me? Absolutely not. Its MY decision.

You. The Dayhome Owner. The amazing person who looks after our children for us. You are an entrepreneur. You make all the decisions. You choose which families you want to work with, what hours you want to set, what educational program you want to run, what foods you want to feed the kids.  As you make your decisions about your dayhome, know that you, and only you CAN make those decisions. So be sure they are in YOUR best interests.

Be proud, be strong and know that, without you, we couldn’t do what we do. It
s this that makes our community so important. We support each other so we can each stand tall and independent.

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