Reflections on a Trade Show

So we’ve done it, we’ve now been to our first trade show. If any of you readers went to Flaunt this weekend, thanks for coming and for the support!  The Terra Centre in particular thanks you.

If you weren’t there, Flaunt is a great trade show, at the Lois Hole Enjoy Centre, run by women and targeted at women. All the vendors are women entrepreneurs. The vendors range from clothes and accessories for kids to massage and physiotherapy and everything in between. We felt that this would be a great demographic for us, and would be a small enough trade show to test the waters. Doing a trade show is kind of scary as you really are putting yourself and your business on display. I think, overall, it went well!

We set up on Saturday afternoon, moving tables, signs, papering the table, stickering crayon boxes, etc. The kids were amazing and helped label all our crayon boxes – our give away for the show. It was amazing to see the different booths and what different people do with them. Definitely got some good ideas for next time.

Sunday was “The really big sheww”. I was up at 6:15, nervously pacing around the house. We got the to the show, put some finishing touches on the booth, and waited…..  That was probably the hardest part. Waiting for people to come and talk to us. And they did!!  We had many people come by and ask about what we do, how we help parents, where the idea came from, etc. We really loved it when people came by and said “Oh! That’s you guys, I use your site a lot!”

The trade show was also a good enforced deadline for us to complete a bunch of stuff. We now have completed a Business Package for dayhomes and a Parent Communication Package for dayhomes. They are $40 for the business package, and $20 for the parent package, or $50 for both. Need one? Send me an email,, and I will get details to you.

So all in all, it was good. A day of talking with other moms, networking with other businesses, and experiencing the trade show life – a success. We will be at another trade show in March. The Mommy Connections first trade show called Mom to Mom Shop and Swap.  Come by and say hi!

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