Month: November 2013

An ounce of Prevention

After a recent conversation with a wonderful, young and enthusiastic dayhome provider, I got thinking about insurance for dayhome providers. She had an incident where a child got hurt (nothing serious), and despite notifying the parent and doing everything correctly, she was concerned that the injury might come back to bite her. Now, lets get […]

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Only 6 Weeks until Christmas! YIKES!

The Christmas Season is fast approaching. Every year, we all make resolutions before the New Year about how this year is going to be different, this year we WON’T be shopping on December 23rd or 24th. ┬áSo what can you do now to ensure that you fulfill your resolution? Make a list and take advantage […]

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A plea to parents

I’ve recently had a conversation with a dayhome provider, who, understandably, is feeling very frustrated. She is an engaged and wonderful dayhome provider. She loves kids, loves what she does, and this is obvious as soon as you talk to her. Recently, she had put aside HER family time on the weekend and on an […]

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