A plea to parents

I’ve recently had a conversation with a dayhome provider, who, understandably, is feeling very frustrated. She is an engaged and wonderful dayhome provider. She loves kids, loves what she does, and this is obvious as soon as you talk to her. Recently, she had put aside HER family time on the weekend and on an evening, to meet with parents for an interview. And then they didn’t show up.

Not only did they not show, they didn’t even have the decency to call or email. What does this say about our general population? Have we lost the basic manners to respect other people’s time and livelihood?  What amazed me was that the reaction from the dayhome provider; it was concern that everything was ok!! This is integrity.

I get life is busy and gets hectic: I have two kids, a dog, a horse, a husband who essentially works 3 different jobs AND trains for Iron Man in his spare time, and I run this business as well as teach part time.  We are all busy. But this is no excuse for rudeness.

A phone call takes 2 minutes of your life. We all have 2 minutes. Call, leave a message, send a text, an email, ANYTHING. Perhaps parents are embarrassed to call because they have decided to go with a different provider. Believe me, you will feel MUCH more embarrassed if you have to call again in 6 months because you’re looking again!! And will that dayhome provider want to meet with you? Probably not.

On a larger scale, what kind of example are you setting for your kids if you don’t honour your commitments. After all, finding quality care is for the sake of your kids, isn’t it?  Start the relationship as you intend to go on; with integrity.  I believe that if we all operated from a place of honesty and integrity, all the time, the world would be an amazing place, and our children would follow our example. What kind of example do you want your kids to follow?

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