Only 6 Weeks until Christmas! YIKES!

The Christmas Season is fast approaching. Every year, we all make resolutions before the New Year about how this year is going to be different, this year we WON’T be shopping on December 23rd or 24th.  So what can you do now to ensure that you fulfill your resolution?

Make a list and take advantage of technology! There is a great app out there called “Gift List” which allows you to track what you have bought, where you hid it, how much is cost and what your budget will be for the year. AND it has a password protect option so kids can’t peak!

STICK TO THE LIST! This is imperative to help you stick to your budget. The best Christmas present I could get is to NOT be scared of my MasterCard bill in January!

Get it done early, and in small chunks. At the grocery store and see a cute book, car, magazine, etc that you know someone on your list would love? Grab it then – just be sure to hide it away!  Our goal is to be done by November 30. We are usually about 90% there by that date. This takes so much pressure off and allows us to really enjoy the holiday season instead of dreading the crowds and the malls.

Take a day off work, keep the kids at their awesome dayhome, and tackle the bulk of your list on a weekday. This may seem frivolous, and you think “I can do it on the weekend!”, but on the weekend is when everyone else is doing it, and with stress, you may very well end up impulse buying, and spending WAY over budget, just to get the heck out of the mall!!

Our big focus this year is to switch our wish list from “stuff” to “experiences”. How about a day at the movies, or even the park, with your niece or nephew? A lunch date with your sister that you never see? A date night for your parents? On my daughter’s “experiences” list is bowling and a pedicure – LOVE IT!  Time spent together is where memories and relationships are made, not from stuff.  And for that wonderful dayhome provider who loves your kids? How about a day off with pay – arrange with all the other parents and really knock her (or his) socks off!  If that’s not possible, maybe a gift certificate so she/he can spend time doing something super fun with her/his family.

Some of our dayhomes have time and space available to help you with your busy Christmas season. Start your search today at . For more tips, ideas, thoughts and upcoming events (Dayhome Providers Christmas Party!!), like us at

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