Early Childhood Education

Regardless of how you “label” yourself as the owner of your dayhome, you are an early childhood educator. No matter what you do, you are teaching the children in your care. It may be formal, a preschool program run within the structure of your dayhome. It may be completely informal, and everything is play based.  However, for small children, play is vital to learning and to their education. While children play, by themselves, or with each other, you are teaching them all the time.

Teaching is my passion, my life blood, what gets me up in the morning. I have been struggling with how to incorporate teaching into the business that Dayhome Registry is evolving into. Here is one way I think I may have tapped into. It is part of the TED family, called TED-Ed. I have just “flipped” a video. Will you take 6-10 minutes to go through it and give me your feedback?

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