3 Things to know before opening your Dayhome Doors

So, you’ve been thinking about starting a dayhome. However, like any new job, what to do and how to do it can be completely overwhelming!  So many questions buzzing around your brain.
We’ve been getting a lot of these questions lately, about what you need to do to start a dayhome.  I’ve done my best to answer these questions, and compiled them below for everyone’s reading pleasure!

1. How do I start a dayhome? What about private vs. licensed with an agency?

To start a private dayhome, you actually do not need any training. However, you should have, at a minimum, a current First Aid certificate and a child welfare and criminal record check.  You can take early childhood Education classes through Grant McEwan and online at CDI college.  First Aid classes range from $80 (re-certification) to $140 for a course.  Early Childhood Education classes are about $500/class. Criminal Record checks will costs about $20, and an Intervention Record Check (Child Welfare Check) is about $50.

If you wish to be a licensed and registered dayhome with an agency, there will be a range of requirements from them. There is a basic list of requirements that the government requires for licensed dayhomes, but each agency will have their own specific requirements. You would have to contact the agency you wish to work with to find out what the requirements are.

2. How do I make sure the basics are covered?

Regardless of which route you choose, you need to make sure that you have a space available for the children with a range of age appropriate toys, a plan for meals and snacks, an idea of activities, games, crafts, etc you would like to do with the kids. You also need to know what age range of kids you want to take in. Some dayhomes are only open for kids over 2, some providers absolutely LOVE the baby age and focus there.

You need to ensure your home is safe for children. Baby gates in place, plug covers on the plugs, dangerous/poisonous products put away safely out of reach.

3. What paperwork, documents, & insurance will I need?

Make sure you have all the paperwork you will need – contracts, forms, schedules, meal plans, book keeping papers, etc.  We have a contract and document package which contains all of this. It is a one-time fee of $50. You can find this at http://shop.dayhomeregistry.com/collections/frontpage/products/parent-and-dayhome-resource-bundle

Insurance: You are basically covered under your home owners insurance, but you can simply contact your insurance provider and they can add an extra rider on your coverage for your dayhome specifically. It costs your regular home insurance + about $60/year extra for the added coverage.  Essentially, it is liability insurance in case anyone gets hurt on your property/in your home.

Then, you need to get the word out there that you are open for business! Registering with us is a great way to do that. We advertise all our new dayhomes on Facebook, you can feature yourself on our homepage for an extra $5/month, and you are welcome to post available spaces on our Facebook page as well.

Registering with us will cost you $50/year, and we provide quarterly workshops and learning sessions, which are $20 each – however, you get the first one free with registration. Register today at  http://dayhomeregistry.com/billing/signup 
We also provide a Start Up Package designed with you in mind! $150 gives you all the materials you will need, articles to read, registration on the site and 3 months of featuring.

2 thoughts on “3 Things to know before opening your Dayhome Doors

  1. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    This is very informative Faye! I had been in the child care field for 20 years before I left to be a stay-at-home mom. I graduated from Grant MacEwan and I loved their program. I’ve thought about doing a dayhome but now that I’m homeschooling my daughter, it’s just not feasible.

    Thanks for sharing such valuable information and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. Faye Holt Faye Holt

      Thank you Jennifer, I’m so glad you enjoyed the read. I have been enjoying your tweets for a while now, and linking up was an absolute pleasure! See you next week :)


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