Money Talks

You may have noticed that our individual dayhome registration price is no longer free. We thought long and hard about this change, but it was necessary.  And making money for us was not the main driver.

Running a dayhome is running a small business. You have clients, you have responsibilities, you have expenses and income. As a result, advertising and staying current is part of running your business. If we continue to offer registration and the ability to connect to our growing network, for free, we are diminishing what you do.  Adding a cost to the registration process makes you more accountable.  In exchange, there is a real and value added Return on Investment (ROI) of doing business with us. And the cost for all that is only $20/year.

This is significantly less than most of your other costs – craft supplies, food, toys, cleaning supplies, etc. But this is the expense that will give you the best return – ROI. One full time child is, on average, $750/month. If we only help you fill one spot per year, you take in an extra $9000.  When you take away the Dayhome Registry cost of $20, you have just made $8980 you may not have otherwise.

Sign up today to get connected to our ever growing community, and to get information on our workshops! – This quarter’s workshop is on bookkeeping and tax time! Did you know you can pay no tax on ALL of the costs I just listed?

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