The Misconceptions of Dayhomes Everywhere

Jenny's picsIn the past, day homes have been viewed as a way for mothers to stay home with their children, while at the same time minding other children to provide extra income. I feel that this is a very narrow view of the childcare options available.

Recently I attended a seminar where I was shocked when another day home provider confronted me. Why would a twenty- four year old, single girl without children would want to open a day home of her own? Was I capable? Why would I want to look after other people’s children? What was in it for me? How could I possibly look after children if I didn’t have my own?

This made me realize that misconceptions of day homes were everywhere and I was going to continually have to defend myself. I realized then that I was going to make it my mission to change the ways that we view day homes in Alberta. I no longer wanted to defend myself against the stereotypes that existed surrounding dayhomes. In order to do this, I am changing the status-quo. I recently acquired a home in which I will be turning into an early learning center and providing care for six children. This home will not be my residence but will just be used for the center. My plan is to become licensed and expand my vision.

I want to change the face of dayhomes and transform them into early learning centers for children to grow and develop in.  I believe that children have the right to grow and develop in a safe and secure environment while they are in care. I believe that dayhome providers have the ability to provide this level and quality of care for children if they have the passion, the education and genuine love for children, as I do. I believe that a dayhome should feel like a home away from home, where children feel secure, safe and comfortable during the day. Dayhomes have the ability and opportunity to provide children with stimulating daily activities, outings and a place where they can start to make more secure attachments, all of which are so important for their development. We need to incorporate program planning, and plan developmentally appropriate activities so that children are being challenged throughout the day.

I realize that my dream may sound big and people may wonder why I would ever want to open a dayhome without having my own children.  I want to start a new movement for childcare options in Alberta. I want dayhomes to be taken more seriously and given the respect that they deserve. Together lets make this change happen and change the view of dayhomes everywhere.

Jenny Campbell

Jenny Campbell

Jenny Campbell is a 24 year-old dynamo and dayhome operators working with Dayhome Registry as part of her studies. She completed her diploma in Early Learning and Child Care from Grant MacEwan University in 2011 and then transferred over to the University of Victoria Child and Youth Care program last year. She is currently completing her third and fourth years of the masters degree program with a specialization in the early years ( 0- 18 months) program. She will be graduating in September of this year!

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2 thoughts on “The Misconceptions of Dayhomes Everywhere

  1. Jenn Cameron

    i love your passion for children. i have felt this same way about children since i was a teen. Being with and around children, especially babies, has always felt very natural to me. I choose to work with children because there isn’t anywhere else in the world I’d rather be. I’m only 26 and recently had my first child, but if for what ever reason i could not have children i still would have wanted to open a child care centre of my own. You have an amazing dream. i am passionate about a home away from home concept, and i believe it provides a perfect place for children to grow and learn in a place where they can feel secure, be nurtured, and not feel over stimulated or over shadowed in large group of children.
    i am really excited for you and what your future might bring.

  2. Faye Holt Faye Holt

    Thank you Jenn, not sure how I missed this comment earlier! It is people like yourself who are going to change the face, and preconceptions of family dayhomes, and help people realize what AMAZING childcare they offer. Keep up the fantastic work. We need more like you


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