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Recently I took my daughter to a new indoor playspace, called Tree House. I had heard good things about it, but wasn’t sure what to expect. I have to say, overall, I was impressed.

It was a Friday afternoon, and it was pretty busy, but with so many different areas for kids to explore, it didn’t feel overly crowded. As you enter there is a ton of space for boots and coats, so easy for kids to see that they have to take their shoes off. It was a bit pricey, $13.95 or $15.95 for their value pack, which includes 12 arcade tokens, on a Friday for over 4 years old. However, parents are free, as are children under 1 year. They also have a special price for Special Needs Children, at $5.95, which I personally think is a really nice gesture.  So all in all, not bad.

You CANNOT enter without a child, and when you do enter, both parent and child are stamped with a matching number stamp – and they check your stamps on the way out to make sure you have the right child! My friend, who I was there with, worries a lot about people taking her children, and this was a big relief for her.

Tree House 1

The seating area for parents (and hungry kids) is large, well lit, and in the center of all the action, so really easy for kids to find their mom or dad when they A: get hungry, or B: need to go to the bathroom, or C: need a hug because they bumped their head.

The Café provides a good range of foods. From sandwiches and fruit and veggie trays, to pizza, there is something for nearly everyone. As a gluten free family, there was less for us to chose from, but I expect this and plan accordingly.  No outside food allowed, as per their website, but I had a water bottle with me, and it wasn’t an issue.

The thing that impressed me the most was the HUGE variety of things for kids to do! As per their website “(there is an ) open-concept space of 10,000 square feet includes play structures, games & prizes, air inflatable, rock climbing, dancing floor and private party rooms”  There were also a few rooms off to the side with T.V.s and Lego for those kids who get overwhelmed by all the noise and action.

Treehouse 2

We were there for nearly 3 hours, and not once was my daughter bored. When she got tired of the play structure, she moved over happily to the arcade, then the plasma cars and bouncy house!  My friend’s son, who is only 2, happily played in the Toddler area, which is RIGHT beside the seating area.  This allowed us moms to chat and visit for a good stretch of time, and the kids were nicely worn out when it was time to go :)  Kind of a perfect afternoon, isn’t it?

So if you are thinking of taking the kids on a field trip, and need a place for them to burn off some energy in this miserable cold, I would definitely recommend Tree House. Its good fun for everyone!


*all quotes and photos borrowed from the Tree House Website.*

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  1. Deanne

    Thank you for the review. I thought it looked a little pricey but if you were able to stay that long it may be worth checking out!


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