Feeding Tiny Tummies

We regularly run workshops for our dayhome owners, but our next one is open to parents as well!

Have you ever had a hard time figuring out what to feed your kids? Encountered picky eating? Unsure if those fruit snacks are actually healthy?    Come to our workshop in May to get the answers to these questions, and many more!  $20 registration fee, which includes all the activities and handouts.

Feeding Tiny Tummies Workshop:

  • Choosing well from each of the food groups
  • Activity: taste testing non-nut butters like sunflower seed butter, Wow Butter, pumpkin seed butter and Pea Butter.
  • Activity: what is the sugar content of juice and Fruit Source Snacks.
  • Activity: choose a healthy cereal, How to prepare a healthy snack, How to prepare a healthy lunch
  • Activity: Share your kids’ 5 favourite lunches and snacks What to do with picky eaters
  • Activity: Division of responsibilities- How to meal plan
  • Activity: in a group, create a meal plan for a week and share your ideas

Open to both parents, and dayhome owners.
Minimum of 15 people registered, maximum of 25.
Please complete this survey https://doodle.com/i8yi6bp94z3fsse9 to indicate if you are interested, and what day/time works best for you. Please indicate your email address so we can contact you to confirm.

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