Month: May 2014


I’ve Never had a Child like This!

As childcare providers, we have all seen many different kinds of children. From the quiet watchful boy who will play trucks and read books all day, happy to interact from the sidelines, to the child who won’t…. stop…. moving…., and everyone in between. We love and accept all children from all personalities, family situations, etc. […]

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Saving Money for Spring

Somehow I always think Christmas is expensive, but then I look at planning for camping, growing kids, and needing new summer gear, and the summer break is NOT cheap!  It seems the theme of saving money is a popular one, so I’ve done some digging and come up with some more ideas for you!

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Private or Accredited?… that is the question!

We get a lot of questions from prospective dayhome operators about whether or not it is worth it to run their dayhome through an agency and be an accredited dayhome. So, we went straight to the source, and got the facts from Child Development Dayhomes!  We asked about what it means to be an accredited […]

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3 ways to save $$ running your dayhome.

Lately, I’ve been reading a wonderful blog by Lori, aka The Frugal Momma, who shares deals and tips for parents looking to make their dollars stretch a little further. With the price of EVERYTHING going up these days, she has inspired me to do something similar for childcare providers. Read on for more!

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