Saving Money for Spring

Somehow I always think Christmas is expensive, but then I look at planning for camping, growing kids, and needing new summer gear, and the summer break is NOT cheap!  It seems the theme of saving money is a popular one, so I’ve done some digging and come up with some more ideas for you!

#1 – This is an online shopping site that allows you to A – find stuff on really good deals, and B – get cash back on the purchases you make! The past two “deals of the week” that caught my eye for parents/kids/dayhome providers were t-shirts from Old Navy, for as little as $6 each and you get 4% cash back. J-Crew Factory has all apparel on sale, up to 50% off, and then giving you 1.5% cash back.

#2 – Water Toys – Superstore has all their Banzai Water Toys on sale 25% off. Stock up now for those hot summer days when the kids are melting!  On their website, they also have printable on-line coupons. I noticed Huggies Little Swimmers had a coupon today.

#3 – Sunscreen and Bug Repellant – The cold hard truth is, the mosquitoes are coming!!  Costco has a 5 pack of Off Skintastic Insect Repellant, and a 3-pack of facial sunscreen, on sale this week. Pair that with their Healthy Choice Fudge bars (also on sale), and you’ve got happy and protected kids!!  I bought the bug repellant, and have just put one can of spray in each of our bags, and have one tucked away for when we run out!

I’m definitely finding that with a little planning ahead, my shopping bills, as we get ready for summer, are lower than normal. Happy Saving!!

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