Getting organised for your home renovations project


If you are thinking of starting a dayhome, or you about to introduce baby #2 in your home, you likely will have to do some home renovations to ensure it meets everyone’s needs. Whether it is simply painting and putting up shelves, or moving or replacing walls, having a plan and budget in place will get you far before you even start.

Renovations should take lots of planning. A plan will keep you on budget and prevent costs spiralling out of control, as a lot of people spend more than they plan to on renovations. The bigger the home renovation project the greater the chance that it will be over budget. You should be able to see on paper how your renovation will look.
Don’t buy anything for your renovation unless you have a good plan in place. A large bed is not going to look good if you only have room for a small one. Work through with what you have, flip through books and magazines for ideas. Come up with a realistic budget then add another 10% for unplanned expenses. You must completely understand what you are getting into before your purchase any products or start any work. Start by making a list of what you like and don’t like. Make sure that everyone else in the house agrees with your list! What do you want to happen in each room?

All issues have to be dealt with, for example wiring that is slightly faulty has to be repaired. Don’t cut corners on materials or finishes as it will only cost you problems in the long run! It is always better to spend more on something, whether it is money or time, and then you don’t have to go back and redo everything!

If you are doing it yourself keep a detailed account of all expenses and receipts. Put aside some money for costs that might be unexpected and allow yourself to make changes for costs, but you have to draw the line at some point. Sometimes it is necessary to scale back – you can still achieve an amazing look, and there are bargains to be had but always make sure you stick to a budget by pricing everything out first.

Always expect delays when it comes to ordering stock, custom made cabinets sometimes take longer to arrive than expected, sometimes something you ordered is out of stock or the flooring you wanted arrived in the wrong colour!

Sometimes home owners are too ambitious and want to have a go at everything but there comes a time when you have to leave it to the professionals! If something in your house needs the work of a qualified person then they should be hired. If you put something in incorrectly like kitchen cabinets, it won’t look good and could reduce the value of your home. It may be sensible to let someone professional have a look at your home renovation plans! Be wary of cutting into structural parts, it could affect weight distribution and could weaken the house! Avoid do-it-yourself wiring lay people should never handle electrical components during a home renovation as faulty wiring can be very dangerous!

imageFind very good, experienced professionals to do your renovations. Do your homework – does he or she return phone calls? Will they be on time? Are they fully insured? Get all agreements in writing. Discuss an estimated time frame for the job. Make sure you get a detailed breakdown and scope of everything and define anything that might be considered extra! Always ask questions and study drawings provided. When it comes to hiring a contractor be thorough, does he have a business address and telephone number and good references?

When work has started make sure you cordon off the working area from the rest of the house to prevent dust getting everywhere. Renovations can be very stressful, high expectations, budgets that are spiralling out of control, coming and going of strangers and limited access to those amenities you are normally used to!

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