Summer pains in the Childcare Industry

IMG_0629Summer is a pretty quiet time of year for the childcare industry. Parents take the kids on holidays, Grandma and Grandpa are around, friends can swap days and have grand playdates, all of which are cost free childcare.  As a childcare provider (or a business who helps providers!), this can certainly hurt the bottom line!

Parents are in summer mode, and thinking about childcare is not top of their minds. This is also the time of year when, if people are going to move cities or neighbourhoods, they do, so you may even find yourself losing children you had counted on for the remainder of the year.

So what to do to help keep the budget on track.
A: Plan for it. If this means you need to raise your rates for the other 10 months of the year, then do it. An extra $50 or $100/month will help cover the 2 months of low income.

B: Use the time to prep and advertise for the fall. Get the posters out there, improve your page on our site by adding photos and a well written explanation of yourself. Get your business package all lined up so you come across as highly professional.

C: Offer drop in childcare for the summer months. Stuff comes up, parents need a day here and there, and are usually willing to pay for it!

D: Consider offering a summer camp for kids under 5. These are harder to come by for parents, and those that are offered, fill up fast. This will help establish a relationship for you with different families, and help you to build a waiting list for fall, or January of the next year.

By using the “free” time that you may have, you can set yourself up as a highly professional dayhome for the fall, when parents are all of a sudden thinking about going back to work and childcare for their little ones.

By registering your dayhome today, you will be one step ahead of everyone else as we head into the summer months!

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