Month: September 2014

Independent biking

And then I read THIS!

I had another blog post planned for today, and then read this article, and nearly blew my top!  When is the fear mongering going to stop? Police and Child Services sent to a home in which the mother DARED allow her children to play outside. Insanity.

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Surviving Road Trips WITHOUT the kids being glued to a screen

We road trip it A LOT. With family in southern Alberta, northern Alberta and Victoria, my kids are quickly becoming long car ride experts. Whether you are driving for 2 or 20 hours, a little pre-planning can go a LONG way to making that drive pleasant…and without watching Frozen on repeat ten times.

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3 Steps to a Painless Back to School Routine

Back to School means back to routine…and back to rushing, running, nagging, cajoling. But maybe it doesn’t have to be. This year, with both kids in school full days, we are working really hard to make the transition easier. 1. Get the kids involved. Talk about what they need to do before and after school, […]

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Food for thought

Regardless of how full your dayhome is or how much you charge, I’m sure you’re always looking for ways reduce your costs and increase your in pocket income. In Alberta, one of our biggest costs is food.  The StatsCan metric for food costs is called the “Average Household Food Expenditure” and in 2012 Albertan’s spent […]

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