Food for thought

Regardless of how full your dayhome is or how much you charge, I’m sure you’re always looking for ways reduce your costs and increase your in pocket income. In Alberta, one of our biggest costs is food.  The StatsCan metric for food costs is called the “Average Household Food Expenditure” and in 2012 Albertan’s spent on average $8,414.  Compare that to a national average of $7,739 and that’s almost a 9% lift.  If you are feeding a house full of little mouths, your expenses are probably much higher than that.  So all of us need to look for ways to stretch that food dollar farther.

One way to do that is to grow your own!  A unique and effective way to do so, even in small spaces, is with a key hole garden.  We were tipped off to an excellent article describing how to build your own key hole garden over at

While you might be thinking, why are they talking about gardens now…the snow is about to fly?  Well, in our mind, planting a garden and learning where your food comes from is key to raising socially and environmentally aware children.  Our kids help us plan and plant our garden every year.  The thing is, your garden has to be ready to plant as soon as the ground thaws to give you the longest possible growing season.  So if you’d like the kids in your care to have the joy of planting things and then watching them grow, your garden plot should be ready to go before the snow flies.  And now you have the instructions to get it started.

Happy Gardening.

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