4 Easy Ways to get the Kids to Clean their Rooms.

Cleaning up after the kids!1Your children may well be little sweethearts, but the fact is they can be very, very messy! While it is a natural part of them growing up, they will not always be aware of the notions of clean and unclean for a long time. It is pretty essential that you are able to clean up after them, especially if you are someone who is proud of their house and the way that it looks. Parenting is difficult, and no one expects that your home is going to look spotless at all times, because you are raising a human being, but there are ways in which you can ensure you will have an easier time dealing with things in the long run.

Cleaning your home with kids around will require some good preparation and some inventive ways to have the kids happily become a part of the process. This way you can both have more fun, and less fights, about cleaning day.Teamwork fun

One thing we can agree upon is that cleaning a bathroom alone is not exactly fun. You coCleaning up after the kids!4uld have a bit of help from your kids, depending on their age of course and how much they are willing to help out. Strangely enough, my daughter loves to clean the toilet!  You should choose the tasks for your kids based on their level of skill and what they can do with it. This will allow them to expand what they can do and eventually become able to take on more responsibility in the future. They will also learn to work together with you and eventually others, in a team.

Help them focus

Kids are usually great at finding inventive ways to avoid chores, unless you find ways to make them interesting. Help them focus on the tasks you need done with the right presentation or incentive. Have a board with what needs to be done, and allow them to choose which chore they are going to do. Giving them an incentive is a good way to make sure they will get it done. We’ve recently discovered ChoreMonster, an awesome free app that “gamifies” chores. They claim your kids will be begging to do chores – and it certainly has been that way in this house!!  If you approach the subject with fun in mind, you will have much more willing participants.

Fun with music

TCleaning up after the kids!2here is no better way to keep things light and fun than using music to set the mood for work, exercise or in this case even cleaning. Let the kids choose their favourite cleaning music (we like the Mary Poppins Soundtrack on our house) to get the ball rolling. Having some fun music playing in the background while you focus on the cleaning will ensure you will have a chance to enjoy working together.  Take a minute or two to dance around with the kids, using the broom as a microphone to add even more fun to the chores. Challenge them to finish one particular task before their favourite song is over.

Cleaning with teens

As kids grow up they will have the ability to cover more than a few tasks, which means you can have them help you with a number of things. They may dislike some tasks, but teaching them the responsibilities of looking after their home is more important than making them happy all the time. The right incentive (I will drive you to the mall when you are done vacuuming the basement), will go a long way to ensuring work gets done in a timely manner.

When you need a DEEP clean

No matter how good a house keeper you are, in some instances, you are going to need to get down to some serious deep cleaning, and it will often be the case that you may need to hire the services of a professional cleaning company. Certain things will be much harder to clean and deal with, such as crayon stains and other situations where your simple work won’t be enough to clean things up entirely. You may also need some help with carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, as these can be specialist jobs, depending on the stains involved.  Cleaning up after the kids!3




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