Ten Little things to make your life easier.

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that can make such a huge difference in making our busy days a little easier.  I thought I would share with you some of things in my life that make my days smoother :)IMAG2029

1. Good Coffee.  I love my coffee, and its one of those things that starts my day off right. But it has to be good coffee, so I ensure that whole bean, organic, fair trade coffee is always on my grocery list. We grind the beans the night before so it’s always ready to go in the morning.

IMAG20282. Smoothies for breakfast. Between dragging the kids out of bed, getting them dressed and fed, and out the door, sometimes MY breakfast took a backseat.  Not anymore. I have a protein smoothie for breakfast everyday. Its quick, easy and highly portable, so I put fuel in my tank while prepping the fuel for the kids.



3. Great, and simple to use, cookbooks.  Dinner planning and prep can be such a pain. To make it less painful, I turn to the Dinner Fix cookbooks by Edmonton local, Sandi Richards. She organizes each book into weeks, and all your menu planning AND list writing is done for you!


IMAG20304. A plastic Bag and water bottle dryer.  Yes, I know, this sounds weird. But it is awesome!  Made in Nelson, B.C., this simple contraption makes it easier to wash, dry and reuse plastic bags, and its great for water bottles too!  You can pick one up at Earth’s General Store on Whyte and 96st, or their downtown location.


5. Water Bottles.  I’m a bit of a health and fitness nut, and ensuring I get enough water during the day is a top priority for me to stay healthy, and keep away pesky headaches. I find making sure I have a water bottle, that I like drinking out of, around all the time is key for me.2014-11-28

6. Stand Up Freezer.  This is a bigger investment if you don’t have one, but when our chest freezer died, it was an easy decision. The shelves, drawers, etc. make it SO much easier to keep track of what we have on hand, and help make sure I don’t buy three bags of frozen peas! :)

7. A To-Do list on my phone! I LOVE lists, and without them, I am easily distracted by a billion other things. I’ve found an app that allows me to create a list and gives me the satisfaction of crossing off the items as I’ve completed them (I’ve even been known to add stuff AFTER I’ve done it, just so I can cross it off!). There are many available, but my favourite is Teux Deux.


8. My Label Maker.  Ok, I’m starting to sound like a bit of a dork, here, but really!  When life gets busy, knowing what is in the container, bag, box, etc. without having to dig around inside really does help. I also use Keep your Stuff labels for all the kids stuff so when I’m digging through the Lost and Found Bin at school, I know which pair of black mittens belong to my forgetful son!

9. Google Calendars. My hubby operates digitally. The end. We have a wall calendar, but he rarely checks it (despite my attempts otherwise :). So we use Google Calendars to keep track of what everyone is doing. Kids activities, meetings, appointments and tasks that need doing, complete with alerts to remind us of what’s coming up. I really like it for appointments. When I’m at the Chiropractor and booking the next appointment, I just take 30 secs to enter it right there and then, and I’m good to go.IMAG2032

10. The Organic Box.  Groceries delivered to your door, every week.  You order online, and they bring them to you. Enough said!  Yes, its a bit more expensive than regular groceries, but I budget it accordingly, and we make it work.  The produce is amazing, the people are lovely and kind, and they are a local business that supports other local businesses.

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