Month: December 2014


5 Fun and Creative Crafts!

Craft ideas are plentiful, but all that choice can be totally overwhelming!  Here are 5 fun crafts, with minimal prep time, to use this holiday season (and beyond) 1. Pinecone bird feeders – very Reggio inspired activity, with lots of extension possibilities! Super simple to make. Find large pinecones (or you can buy them from […]

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Its Time for Innovative Childcare in Alberta

Dear MLA, I am a very concerned and frustrated parent and business owner in your riding. For the past two and a half years, I have been working diligently with dayhome owners and parents in Edmonton, Calgary and the remainder of the province. My business, Dayhome Registry, works with dayhomes to help them offer the […]

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Houston, we have a crash landing.

My husband travels at least once a month for work. He loves the work that causes him to be away from home, but it is hard on the rest of the family (single parents, or those whose partners work away from home all the time, you are my heros).  This week, I had the opportunity to […]

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Alberta’s Children’s Charter

As per my previous blog post, I recently received an email invitation from AISCA (Association of Independent Schools and Colleges in Alberta) regarding feedback on the Alberta Children’s Charter through a friend of mine, who is a preschool owner and teacher in Airdrie. With the background of working with dayhomes, agencies and parents, and the interests […]

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Making your voice heard

I recently received this email from a dear friend of mine, who is a preschool teacher in Airdrie. Alberta Education is in the process of creating a new Children’s Charter, and they are asking for our input before it is finalized.   As this will serve as the guide for policies, programs and services, this […]

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The 12 Days of Christmas

Christmas is a busy time for everyone, and as a childcare provider, you spend most of your time looking after everyone else! Let us look after you for a little while.  Your 12 Days of Christmas from Dayhome Registry includes: business tips and resources (printable, editable, useable) developmental activities and games for the kids crafts […]

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