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I recently received this email from a dear friend of mine, who is a preschool teacher in Airdrie. Alberta Education is in the process of creating a new Children’s Charter, and they are asking for our input before it is finalized.   As this will serve as the guide for policies, programs and services, this will affect childcare in Alberta. Therefore, it will affect you, as either a childcare provider, or parent.

In terms of the area of the documents that pertain to childcare, be sure to read the Early Childhood Education Summary, page 8 & 9, which talks about childcare.

Please make your voice and opinion be heard, as I believe often the private or individual dayhome provider, sometimes gets forgotten about when talking about childcare.You can be sure I will be sending feedback. If you would rather I speak for private dayhomes, please send me your thoughts to

Thanks, Faye

Greetings,Alberta Education forwarded a draft Alberta Children’s Charter which was developed by Human Services based on feedback from Albertans through the Together We Raise Tomorrow consultations (<>).Alberta Children’s Charter will serve as a guide to government in the development of policies, programs and services affecting children (under the age of 18) and will guide collaboration among departments and agencies (e.g., school authorities, Alberta Health Services, Child and Family Services, etc.), service providers and Albertans.

AISCA invites you to review the draft document and provide your feedback to the AISCA office as soon as possible. David Woloshyn, Executive Director, Education Supports Sector, has asked for a response byDecember 12, 2014. AISCA will consolidate your input and send a response next week.

Your feedback will help government finalize the Alberta Children’s Charter.

Thank you in advance for providing your comments, suggestions, concerns and/or questions.


Duane Plantinga
Executive Director
Association of Independent Schools and Colleges in Alberta (AISCA)
#201, 11830 – 111 Ave. NW Edmonton, AB T5G 0E1


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