What Should I Charge?

So you’d like to start a dayhome. That’s wonderful! We have a serious shortage of childcare in this province, especially in Edmonton and Calgary, and another quality dayhome will only serve to help! However, this can be a completely overwhelming process to start. One of the first questions we get regularly, is, “What should I charge!?”

After some research, we have come up with the following averages.

Type of Dayhome Age of child Full time monthly rate Part-time/daily rate
Accredited Dayhomes: Infant (0-18 months) $850 $45/day
Toddler (18 months – 3yrs) $825 $45/day
Preschooler (3yrs – 5yrs/kindergarten) $800 $45/day
Kindergarten (1/2 days including lunch) $750 $40/day
School age – before and after school care $600 $30/day
Private Dayhomes Infant (0-18 months) $800 $45/day
Toddler (18 months – 3yrs) $750 $45/day
Preschooler (3yrs – 5yrs/kindergarten) $750 $45/day
Kindergarten (1/2 days including lunch) $650 $40/day
School age – before and after school care $500 $30/day

Remember, these are just averages. Each area you live in may dictate somewhat how much parents are able to afford. If you have a part time child who is in your care for the same time each week, for at least 2 ½ to 3 days per week, then you will need to also set a part-time monthly rate. This is typically about the same as what you would charge for a Kindergarten child ($600-$750/month). As an example, I was paying $550/month for a part-time Kindergarten spot. She was there 3 days a week after school.

Also, if you have special training, such as being a teacher, or have a Masters in Early Childhood Education, or many years experience in the childcare world, you should look at charging more. Those that I know of with that level of training charge approximately $1000/month.

Some Premium Dayhomes, such as Von Premium Childcare Network, based primarily out of Calgary, charge as much as $1400/month for a full time spot. They provide home cooked meals, educational programming, daily out door play, a no screen policy, a no closure policy, and much more.

You may also choose to charge one rate for all full-time children, and one rate for all part-time, no matter what their ages. As you are starting out, you may also decide to charge slightly less than what you would eventually like to be charging, and then in a year, once you’ve established yourself as a quality dayhome and excellent provider, raise your rates by $25 or $50/month. Most parents will understand that you need to make a living as well!

Another thing to remember is that the accredited dayhomes must also then pay their agency licensing fees out of the fees they charge parents, so this is often why their fees are slightly higher. The advantage the accredited dayhomes have is that they can provide subsidy to families in need. So while their fees are higher, some families will only be paying a portion of the total, while their government subsidy covers the rest.

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