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Fantastic activities for your Dayhome kids! – www.barefootkids.ca

Yoga1Yoga is all the rage these days and it is perfect for children. Whether it is for calming, getting their sillies out or just refocusing, it’s the perfect versatile activity for children of all ages. Barefoot Books has an amazing deck of Yoga cards called Yoga Pretzels. A deck of 50 cards with bright colorful easy to follow instructions (ages 2- 100!) that can be used inside and outside. With categories such as Yoga2calming stretches, partner stretches, game stretches, balance stretches, this deck of cards allows kids to unwind, rest and revive their bodies and minds. An excellent tool for anyone with children.singalong1

Barefoot Books also carries award winning sing-alongs! These 21 different book sing-alongs feature an enhanced CD that plays the song in any CD player but also a cartoon video version of the song in a computer. Early childhood experts rave about our sing-alongs as they not only encourage movement, but also literacy with reluctant readers. Children who watch the sing-alongs ask for them to be played “again, again!”. The books proudly feature illustrations of children who are from other countries as well as having disabilities which is so singalong2important with our diverse communities. Fred Penner sings 7 of our awesome sing-alongs! Some of our titles: The Wheels on the Bus, Animal Boogie, Space Song Rocket Ride, Whole World, If You’re Happy and You Know it, The Hole at the Bottom of the Sea and Portside Pirates. To see a full listing go to www.barefootkids.ca.

Our website also has excellent crafts and activities perfect for dayhomes, free to use! Check out the For Kids section on our site. Contact Jen Mills, Alberta Team leader, if you have any questions about Barefoot! barefootkidscanada@gmail.com and/or checkout  www.barefootkids.ca

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