Childcare Regulations Across Canada

Wondering how Alberta’s dayhome regulations stack up against the rest of the country? Its fascinating (and a bit brain numbing)!  No two provinces handle things exactly the same.  In some its only 4 children allowed in unregulated, some its, 5, some its 6! Some provinces allow home daycares to apply for individual licenses, some have to work through an agency. Some differ the number of children based on ages (example, in Nunavut, you can have up to 8 kids in care, as long as only 6 of them are under age 5)

I have dug through all the links and link backs, and broken links and provincial websites to give you the MOST simplified list of links I could get, along with the different ministries in each province that are in charge of this area.

Dayhome Regulations across Canada – Sheet1

If you need to move at any point, and plan to keep running your home daycare/dayhome business (yes, that term differs across the country as well!), you will do well to keep this spreadsheet in your back pocket! I will be continuing to work on this spreadsheet and add to it, so be sure to check back periodically :)



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