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Does your contract cover you?

I have been having quite a few conversations lately with parents who are leaving their dayhomes with a bad taste in their mouth (and one whom is even considering legal action) because the contracts they had with their dayhomes were not well written and did not cover all the possible issues. We want to help ensure that you are never put in that situation.

Did you know, that your contract, between you and parents, is your legal protection?

Did you know, you are open to legal action if major issues arise?

Did you know that you should provide a copy of the SIGNED contract to each and every parent whose children you provide childcare for?

Do you know for sure that your contract covers you and your home PROPERLY, and that it includes all the necessary terms and conditions?

As business owners ourselves, we immediately recognized the need for a strong, well written and legal Contract for Dayhome Providers and Parents, and we have seen the fall out when a well written contract is NOT in place. With this in mind, we approached a legal firm to write a contract that would ensure both dayhome providers and parents had their interests covered, and that the expectations laid out were VERY CLEAR.
However, a contract is only part of the solution. There is so much more needed for clear communication and expectations between parents and providers. So, we packaged the contract together with a number of other documents to ensure smooth and professional communication between childcare providers and parents.   The entire package is digital, and customizable, so it can be continued to use it for years to come, and be confident that your interests are covered.   It can found and downloaded here

At the end of the day, childcare is the business of relationships. The relationship between you and the children, and the relationships between you and the parents. A professional package that you can provide, and discuss with prospective families, ensures that your relationship starts off on the right foot. While you dearly love the children you care for, and may become friends with the parents, at the end of the day, this is a business relationship.  As such, ensuring that the expectations are VERY CLEAR at the beginning will ensure that the relationship starts, and stays, healthy for years to come.

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