I'm NOT Back-to-School Shopping!

Why I’m not doing Back to School Shopping

I'm NOT Back-to-School Shopping!Once upon a time, Back-to-School meant a couple new books, some new pencils, 1 new pair of shoes and MAYBE one new outfit. Not so much anymore. With all the pressure to be “perfect mommy of 2015”, the Back to School bill can add up quickly, costing as much, if not more, than Christmas!!

4. Take kids shopping at the mall for new school clothes. Buy them each a completely new wardrobe from Gymboree and Crew Cuts. Spend $2,387.07 on your credit card. – See more at: https://www.scarymommy.com/back-to-school-the-70s-vs-today/#sthash.ZG0p0Qa1.dpuf

And I’m guilty of getting caught up in it. All the magazines and displays and commercials showing happy, smiling kids skipping off to school makes one think that back-to-school means shiny new outfits, hand shaped bento boxes and all organic food.  But maybe, maybe it doesn’t.

This year, I’m not falling for the advertising. Heck, there are even Pinterest boards dedicated to it!


And my kids new school has helped. As a fundraiser, I was able to order all their school supplies, in June, with the simple click of a button. And it all got delivered to my house, labeled, in a lovely cloth, reusable bag. Maybe it cost a little more than if I had spent hours at Walmart, finding the cheapest option, but in the end, my time and mental sanity is worth more than that. And, because I wasn’t at Walmart, I didn’t get caught up in the mania!!  So now I really HAVE saved money, and time, … and sanity.

photoMy kids have drawers full of clothes. Their laundry piles are so high they fall over before getting put away. My son needed 1 new pair of shoes, so we bought those. My daughter got new runners in the spring because she had outgrown her old ones. And, taking after her mamma, she has plenty of other shoe options for outdoor shoes. They each have favourite outfits they love to wear. Outfits that already express who they are and make them happy. Is a new outfit going to add to that?  Nope.

And, it makes NO sense to buy all these warm fall clothes in September. If history serves us right, they will be wearing shorts and t-shirts and skirts for at least another month. So those crisp new jeans I would have bought them? They won’t fit anymore by the time the kids get around to wearing them!!

Instead of a day dragging them around to find each and every item on the list, and have my daughter get distracted by all that glitters and shines, we are going to have one last summer hurrah at Calaway Park with some good friends. At the end of this school year, what will they remember? The new outfit, or the memory of the fun day?  Precious memories are priceless, so THAT is what I will spend my money on.

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