Quick, healthy and chemical free taco mix

I have yet to meet a child (or an adult for that matter) who doesn’t LOVE tacos. In fact, Taco Tuesday has become a “thing” in our house. It’s the kids favourite dinner night of the week.  The Old El Paso taco kits are great and super convenient, but the chemical laden ingredient list is a little frightening for this label reading mama.  My little brother to the rescue!  He gave me their recipe for taco seasoning, and it’s a win every time. Takes about 1 minute to throw together, and one recipe will get you through at least a month of Taco Tuesdays :)

Taco Seasoning Recipe:

In a glass jar, or sealable container put:

IMG_09796 tsp chilli powder

5 tsp paprika

4 1/2 tsp cumin

3 tsp onion powder (NOT SALT)

2 1/2 tsp garlic powder (NOT SALT)

1/4 tsp cayenne (but only if you like a little kick)

pinch of salt.


Shake up the jar and seal tightly to keep moisture out.  Add 1 – 2 tbsp of seasoning mix and enough stock to your favourite ground meat (or non-meat) to keep it moist.

I always add a can of either black or kidney beans to my meat just to keep things interesting and up the fiber :)

We use this mix in nearly all our Mexican inspired dishes. Homemade refried beans, fajitas, meat for tacos, enchiladas…. you name it.

Next time the kids ask for tacos, give this a try. Its easy, healthy and YUMMY!!

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