Surviving Summer

3 Steps to Surviving the Summer

“MOM! I don’t like the way he breathes!” The latest battle cry in the pain that is having kids home together all summer.

Surviving SummerDon’t get me wrong, as a parent who is blessed enough to have the summer off, I LOVE summer holidays. Long warm days, time outside, late nights, sleeping in, precious time with those kids who grow up WAY too fast. But, sometimes too much of a good thing is, well, too much!

We started our summer vacation by heading to the cabin for a week of swimming lessons and fun with cousins. It was a great start. However, by the time we were home for 3 days, I was ready to send my kids back to school. The fighting just about drove me insane!  And I only have 2 with me. I can just imagine how kids who are used to being in school all day can be in a dayhome.

By no means have I got all the answers, but I have discovered a couple things that work to keep the peace around here a bit better.

  1. Time alone: Ensure the kids get some time apart. My two couldn’t be more different in what makes them happy, and I have to be cognoscente of that. The other day my daughter spent most of the day choreographing a dance, and my son built a LEGO army battle base.  My daughter is also a major extrovert, and I swear my son would be happy to not see another person all summer! So I ensure playdates for my daughter happen, and time to let my son just hang out and read also happen.
  2. GO OUTSIDE! The other day, I had just about lost my mind about a million times because of the fighting, and then I realized (due to all the rain we’ve had), that the kids were done with being indoors. During a rare rain break, we went for a nice bike ride, and they spent the next hour playing some wonderful imagination game together at the park!  When nothing else will work, a change of scenery is huge.
  3. Make a plan.  School aged kids have their days scheduled and planned for them, and then we thrust them into 9 weeks of no schedule, no plan. No WONDER they loose their minds!?! A list of activities we can do, and when, just written on the white board has been a big help for us. They know they have something to look forward to, and I know the chances of hearing “I’m bored” are much lower. My goal for the rest of the summer? Have at least 1 thing planned and scheduled nearly every day. They need it, and so do I.

Summer may feel like it passes by in a blink for us, but for kids, it can seem like forever. A little foresight and planning on our part goes a long way to ensuring everyone enjoys the summer months.

I would bet you amazing providers have AWESOME tips to share about surviving the summer.
We’d LOVE to hear about them over on our Facebook page where we can all learn :)

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