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5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Childcare Search

As a new parent, the thought of leaving your precious child with another, while you head off to work, is hard enough. Entering into the realm of searching for childcare is daunting, overwhelming, emotional and scary!! Feeling unsure of where to even begin, or what information you need to know, makes the process that much […]

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Does your contract cover you?

I have been having quite a few conversations lately with parents who are leaving their dayhomes with a bad taste in their mouth (and one whom is even considering legal action) because the contracts they had with their dayhomes were not well written and did not cover all the possible issues. We want to help […]

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Childcare Regulations Across Canada

Wondering how Alberta’s dayhome regulations stack up against the rest of the country? Its fascinating (and a bit brain numbing)!  No two provinces handle things exactly the same.  In some its only 4 children allowed in unregulated, some its, 5, some its 6! Some provinces allow home daycares to apply for individual licenses, some have […]

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Some changes coming to the Homepage

We’re planning a small upgrade to the home and search pages this coming weekend and we thought we’d take a few minutes to walk you through them. The Cole’s notes version is that: The Register/List your dayhome button moves to the top right The testimonials move down the page a bit The homepage is now […]

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How to WRITE the RIGHT ad

Do you spend hours writing up your ads for Facebook and Kijiji, only to have NO ONE respond to them? OR, does your ad only seem to attract families you don’t ACTUALLY want to work with?

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Why Doctors get better childcare than Police Officers.

Whether you earn $20,000/year, $200,000/year or $2 million/year, your children are a top priority. Unfortunately, we live in a world where what you earn severely impacts the quality of childcare you can provide for your children, should you return to work.  Our childcare system is designed in such a way that the “haves” can afford […]

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How to Make the Most of your Interviews

 Whether you are just starting a dayhome, are a director for a larger childcare centre, or need to attract new clients for your well established dayhome, a well planned and professional first interview, or tour, will go a long way in making a great impression. Even the most experienced provider will have a few butterflies when […]

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What Should I Charge?

So you’d like to start a dayhome. That’s wonderful! We have a serious shortage of childcare in this province, especially in Edmonton and Calgary, and another quality dayhome will only serve to help! However, this can be a completely overwhelming process to start. One of the first questions we get regularly, is, “What should I […]

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Its Time for Innovative Childcare in Alberta

Dear MLA, I am a very concerned and frustrated parent and business owner in your riding. For the past two and a half years, I have been working diligently with dayhome owners and parents in Edmonton, Calgary and the remainder of the province. My business, Dayhome Registry, works with dayhomes to help them offer the […]

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Alberta’s Children’s Charter

As per my previous blog post, I recently received an email invitation from AISCA (Association of Independent Schools and Colleges in Alberta) regarding feedback on the Alberta Children’s Charter through a friend of mine, who is a preschool owner and teacher in Airdrie. With the background of working with dayhomes, agencies and parents, and the interests […]

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