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Little People, BIG Personalities

Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a volunteer or a dayhome provider, you quickly learn that little people can have BIG personalities!  Sometimes they mesh with yours and your methods, sometimes…. not so much.  So what to do? Not all strategies are going to work with all types, so it’s best to have an […]

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Guest blog post from – "A Nanny’s Guide to Packing for a Daytrip"

For many nannies (or dayhome providers), trips to the zoo, farm, museum, or other age-appropriate venues are part of their weekly adventures with the children they watch. Being prepared for a long day away from home can make the difference between having a fun or frustrating time. Before heading out, use the following checklist to […]

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Keeping Life Organized

Life is busy. And when you care for other people’s children, its even busier!  There are a number of tips and tools out there to help keep your brain from exploding and helping you stay on top of things. As a business owner, teacher and mom, here are some things I do to help keep […]

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