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Surviving Summer

3 Steps to Surviving the Summer

“MOM! I don’t like the way he breathes!” The latest battle cry in the pain that is having kids home together all summer.

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2 Parenting mistakes made everyday

2 parenting mistakes teachers see every day.

As a teacher of elementary aged children, I see it all. The hyper kids, the quiet kids, the obnoxious, the kind, the shy, the intellectual, the jock and everything in between. No matter what kind of kid you have, or kids, we all want one thing for them. For them to be happy and successful. […]

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Parenting Power

2016 is the year YOU Parent with Intention

The only thing that is constant about parenting, is change. As parents, we have two options: Either be bombarded by the change and parent simply by reacting, or stop, and take some time and energy to plan how to deal with the changes. The book, A YEAR of Intentional Parenting, written by the powerhouse duo […]

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I'm NOT Back-to-School Shopping!

Why I’m not doing Back to School Shopping

Once upon a time, Back-to-School meant a couple new books, some new pencils, 1 new pair of shoes and MAYBE one new outfit. Not so much anymore. With all the pressure to be “perfect mommy of 2015”, the Back to School bill can add up quickly, costing as much, if not more, than Christmas!! 4. […]

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5 things I learned about negotiating from my kids

5 things I leaned about negotiation from my kids

Note: this article was originally posted at reprinted here, obviously, with permission. I suck at negotiating. But you know who’s really good at it? My kids. So I’ve decided to take a page from Jeff Goins and accept a mentor from an unexpected source and learn from them. You see, as a parent, there’s this […]

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OUCH! That Hurts! Stop Biting in 2 Easy Steps.

Stopping toddlers from biting Young children use their mouths to explore the world. Children usually bite people when they become frustrated in social situations and do not know how else to express themselves. It can be embarrassing for parents, and is an indication that new skills need to be taught.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Childcare Search

As a new parent, the thought of leaving your precious child with another, while you head off to work, is hard enough. Entering into the realm of searching for childcare is daunting, overwhelming, emotional and scary!! Feeling unsure of where to even begin, or what information you need to know, makes the process that much […]

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Please, anything BUT a sandwich!!

“I like sandwiches, sandwiches are fine. I like sandwiches, I eat them all the time…”   While Raffi may sing about liking sandwiches, sometimes, we just get plain tired of them.  But they are SO easy to make!  So what to do instead? One of the alternatives that my kids love is Chicken Waldorf Salad. […]

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I secretly rolled my eyes at my dayhome provider

Childcare is an industry that starts from one undeniable truth: the childrens’ parents have returned to work.  Childcare is a service that allows parents to prioritize their career aspirations or their financial needs over staying at home with their children.  Without that childcare, many parents would find that the career and the life that they’d spent so much […]

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6 ingredients to an AWESOME lunch

As the weather turns nicer, and our thoughts turn to getting outside, field trips to the zoo, lunches at the park, etc.  Planning portable and healthy meals can be a challenge. These quick and yummy, either warm or cold, roll ups are just the ticket! Portable, easy for little hands to hold, and completely customizable […]

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