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Surviving Summer

3 Steps to Surviving the Summer

“MOM! I don’t like the way he breathes!” The latest battle cry in the pain that is having kids home together all summer.

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Climbing trees makes for stronger and more intelligent children

We are big believers in our house about letting our children explore their own physical boundaries. Climbing up the slide is only one of those explorations. Climbing trees, using the swing set as a climbing structure and allowing the kids on the roof (with us right with them, of course) are some of the ways […]

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Climbing out of the Valley of Despair

We all have the capacity for greatness, and we all have the capacity for great failure. Recently, we, Jon and I, have embarked on a journey to grow Dayhome Registry to a business of greatness. And this journey is testing me. Testing my faith, testing my resilience, testing my skills, and above all, testing my […]

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