I secretly rolled my eyes at my dayhome provider

6534524781_deb60f94d4_bChildcare is an industry that starts from one undeniable truth: the childrens’ parents have returned to work.  Childcare is a service that allows parents to prioritize their career aspirations or their financial needs over staying at home with their children.  Without that childcare, many parents would find that the career and the life that they’d spent so much energy building, vanishes.

This is predominantly the lot of women in the workforce since, biologically, they are the ones taking time away from work to have children.  And yet it is often the career-minded, pre-kid women who are the first to look down on those who, even after returning to work, choose to prioritize their children over their work.  One such woman was Katharine Zaleski who chose to apologize publicly about how she behaved before she had kids.  Her plea for a more caring and understanding outlook on mothers in the workforce is a passionate one.  And yet, it leaves me wondering how she treats her childcare provider? Continue Reading

6 ingredients to an AWESOME lunch

As the weather turns nicer, and our thoughts turn to getting outside, field trips to the zoo, lunches at the park, etc.  Planning portable and healthy meals can be a challenge.

These quick and yummy, either warm or cold, roll ups are just the ticket! Portable, easy for little hands to hold, and completely customizable based on needs and what you have in the house!

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Climbing trees makes for stronger and more intelligent children

We are big believers in our house about letting our children explore their own physical boundaries. Climbing up the slide is only one of those explorations. Climbing trees, using the swing set as a climbing structure and allowing the kids on the roof (with us right with them, of course) are some of the ways we allow our kids to push their limits.

I truly believe that when kids are allowed to explore their limits, they learn where and what they are and are much more equipped to make intelligent decisions about what they can do and what they might not be ready to try yet. Continue Reading

Climbing out of the Valley of Despair

Valley of DespairWe all have the capacity for greatness, and we all have the capacity for great failure. Recently, we, Jon and I, have embarked on a journey to grow Dayhome Registry to a business of greatness. And this journey is testing me. Testing my faith, testing my resilience, testing my skills, and above all, testing my belief in myself. Continue Reading

Yogurt Bunnies

How to make Easter a meltdown free zone.

I was wandering through Easter Chocolate aisle at the grocery store last night and groaning at the thought of the chocolate high, and then crash, that inevitably comes with the Easter Bunny hop, hop, hopping into our home and yard each spring. Continue Reading

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.12.32 AM

Does your contract cover you?

I have been having quite a few conversations lately with parents who are leaving their dayhomes with a bad taste in their mouth (and one whom is even considering legal action) because the contracts they had with their dayhomes were not well written and did not cover all the possible issues. We want to help ensure that you are never put in that situation. Continue Reading


Childcare Regulations Across Canada

Wondering how Alberta’s dayhome regulations stack up against the rest of the country? Its fascinating (and a bit brain numbing)!  No two provinces handle things exactly the same.  In some its only 4 children allowed in unregulated, some its, 5, some its 6! Some provinces allow home daycares to apply for individual licenses, some have to work through an agency. Some differ the number of children based on ages (example, in Nunavut, you can have up to 8 kids in care, as long as only 6 of them are under age 5) Continue Reading

Ontario’s new Childcare Bill 10

Recently, as I have been getting more and more engaged with the childcare communities in and out of Alberta, I have been wondering how things differ across the country!  And it turns out, quite a lot! Continue Reading

Some changes coming to the Homepage

We’re planning a small upgrade to the home and search pages this coming weekend and we thought we’d take a few minutes to walk you through them.

The Cole’s notes version is that:

  • The Register/List your dayhome button moves to the top right
  • The testimonials move down the page a bit
  • The homepage is now focused on search, adding a “type of spot” filter for the search.
  • Featured dayhomes are now highlighted on our, almost, fullscreen map search.

You may also have noticed that we’re moving into video.  Let us know what you think.

Ready to join our dayhome community so YOUR dayhome appears when the parents search? https://dayhomeregistry.com/billing/signup


How to WRITE the RIGHT ad

DeathtoStock_Desk5Do you spend hours writing up your ads for Facebook and Kijiji, only to have NO ONE respond to them?

OR, does your ad only seem to attract families you don’t ACTUALLY want to work with?

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