Sensory Rice bin

A million ways with Sensory Bins

Sensory Rice binSensory bins give you a BIG bang for your buck.  Using things you already have in your house, a new bin and some materials for the kids to dig in, you can create a sensory bin for less than $10. From helping children develop skills and resiliency, to pattern recognition to social skills, one bin can provide a lot of learning, cognitive development and processing for children. But how do I create a bin, and what should I add to it to give the best experience to the children in my care?, you might ask! Continue Reading


Sensory Processing through Play

You may have heard the term “Sensory Bins” in regards to early childhood education recently. We’ve all seen the rice or water table in the preschool or kindergarten classroom, so how are sensory bins different? Actually, those are sensory bins!  You just didn’t know it :) Continue Reading

50+ easy and fun activities for the kids!

Fantastic activities for your Dayhome kids! –
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Why Doctors get better childcare than Police Officers.

WORLD YOU LOVE (1)Whether you earn $20,000/year, $200,000/year or $2 million/year, your children are a top priority. Unfortunately, we live in a world where what you earn severely impacts the quality of childcare you can provide for your children, should you return to work.  Our childcare system is designed in such a way that the “haves” can afford to pay for any childcare of their choice, and the “have nots” are left with reduced choices.  Aren’t all children created equal? Don’t all children deserve to be in an environment that is rich and loving and promotes healthy brain development? Continue Reading


How to Make the Most of your Interviews

Hello! Whether you are just starting a dayhome, are a director for a larger childcare centre, or need to attract new clients for your well established dayhome, a well planned and professional first interview, or tour, will go a long way in making a great impression. Even the most experienced provider will have a few butterflies when it comes to meeting and interviewing potential clients/families. With a little bit of preparation and fore-thought, you can make all your interviews and/or tours run smoothly. Continue Reading

What Should I Charge?

So you’d like to start a dayhome. That’s wonderful! We have a serious shortage of childcare in this province, especially in Edmonton and Calgary, and another quality dayhome will only serve to help! However, this can be a completely overwhelming process to start. One of the first questions we get regularly, is, “What should I charge!?”

After some research, we have come up with the following averages. Continue Reading

Happy New Year, 2015

4 Steps to a Successful New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year, 2015 It’s a New Year. For so many of us, this means new goals, new plans, maybe  even a New Year’s resolution (or two). However, did you know nearly 60% of  people give upon their New Year’s Resolution within 6 months, and may  make the same resolution 10 times without success?

Did you make plans and resolutions for 2014, only to find yourself not having fulfilled them again?
What goals do you have for 2015, and what plan do you have in place to make them a reality?

In order to make your goals a reality, there are four simple steps you can take right now to get on the right track. Continue Reading


5 Fun and Creative Crafts!

Craft ideas are plentiful, but all that choice can be totally overwhelming!  Here are 5 fun crafts, with minimal prep time, to use this holiday season (and beyond)

1. Pinecone bird feeders – very Reggio inspired activity, with lots of extension possibilities!
Super simple to make. Find large pinecones (or you can buy them from Michaels), cover in peanut butter, and have the kids rolls them in seeds. Tie a ribbon or string to the top, and hang outside.  Watch the birds flock to the feeders, discuss what kinds of birds are there, what are they eating, how to they behave….anywhere the kids’ minds take them.
2. Handprint paintings – Hand prints to create animals, trees, faces with crazy hair. Kids LOVE getting messy, so let them go to it, and create a cute picture for parents or grandparents.
*image from Cheep Crafty Mama


3. Create a fun winter activities paper chain.   Cut paper into strips. Have the kids come up with fun things they would like to do each day. Write one idea on each piece. Link the paper together by creating interlocking circles. Have the kids pull off one chain piece each day, and complete the activity written there.
4. Create birthday cards out of old ones.   Got old cards lying around in a shoe box somewhere? Let the kids at them!  Have them cut out the images they like to create a new collage card.  Kids will be working on scissor skills, gluing skills, spatial awareness, and maybe even letter formation!!  All this, and they will make a special card to give to a special someone.

5. Marble painting. (this is the most prep-intensive activity. My examples are Christmas themed, but you can do it with anything!)
1. Draw, and then cut out 1 stocking template per child on construction paper , or cardstock.  For older kids, have them do the tracing and cutting themselves.

2. Place the stocking template in a large flat container (a tinfoil roasting pan will work).
3. Fill old yogurt containers with paint.  Drop marbles in the paint.
4. Place marbles, covered in paint, in the tray with the stocking template.

5. The kids then roll the wet marbles all over the stocking, recovering the marbles in paint as many times as they want, until they have decorated the stocking.

6. Take the fine motor skills up another notch and have them “sew” their stockings together once they are dry. You will need to hole punch holes around the outside of the stocking, and provide yarn for the kids to sew. You could THEN use these to decorate your dayhome!



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Its Time for Innovative Childcare in Alberta

Dear MLA,

I am a very concerned and frustrated parent and business owner in your riding. For the past two and a half years, I have been working diligently with dayhome owners and parents in Edmonton, Calgary and the remainder of the province. My business, Dayhome Registry, works with dayhomes to help them offer the best childcare possible and helps parents find quality childcare in a home setting. In this role, we have heard, over and over, how the legislation of both the province and the by-laws of the cities, hamstrings the abilities of the dayhomes to provide innovative and high quality care to children and support their own families at the same time. Continue Reading


Houston, we have a crash landing.

My husband travels at least once a month for work. He loves the work that causes him to be away from home, but it is hard on the rest of the family (single parents, or those whose partners work away from home all the time, you are my heros).  This week, I had the opportunity to go with him and have a mini vacay in Calgary while he was in meetings. And now I understand how hard it is on him! Continue Reading